The Introduction

So in case you were wondering what this is all about ...

Electronic cigarettes are a brand new trend that is taking over the smoking industry.

Finally there’s an answer for smokers that are fed up with smoking bans and rising costs of traditional tobacco cigarettes. E-CigaretteFlavors.Org is here to provide you with all the information you need to get started with electronic cigarettes. Feel free to leave comments and questions so that we can help “clear up the air” about the e-cigarette!

The Details



Turn on/off your ecig

To switch the electronic cigarette on or off, press the button located on the battery 5 times in quick succession.

Fill your clearomizer with eliquid

To fill this with your ID Liquid, you need to remove the BASE from the bottom of the Clearomiser and pour your liquid down the SIDE of the CHAMBER.

Charge your Ego T

Unscrew the Clearomiser from the Battery. Wipe the Battery connection to clean the connection from any dust, dirt or E Liquid.Connect the USB charger with the power source.

How to use my Ego T?

To use your Electronic Cigarette, once you have pressed the Button 5 times to switch it on, hold down the power button to activate the Electronic Cigarette and vape away.

How to put my ecig back together?

To put your Electronic Cigarette back together just simply Screw your Clearomiser onto the Battery tightly, DO NOT over tighten the Clearomiser onto the Battery.

Why is my clearomiser leaking liquid?

If your Clearomiser is leaking, and it is over 4 weeks old, this may be because your Clearomiser Wicks needs replacing, if this is the case please purchase replacement wicks.

The Knowledge

How To Quit Smoking Using An Electronic Cigarette

Compared to traditional quitting methods, an E-Cigarette is one the most successful products on the market to help a smoker quit smoking. Our fellow french vapers have made an amazing page, about the electronic cigarette, en français.

How To Refill Cartridges With E-Liquid

For those of you who prefer to use E-Liquids to refill your existing cartridges or empty cartridges, here is a quick guide on how to refill them.

How To Buy The Best Electronic Cigarette?

Not all Electronic Cigarettes are created equal. There can be many differences between the look, feel and functionality of various e-cigarette products.