How To Quit Smoking Using An Electronic Cigarette

An E-Cigarette is one the most
successful products on the market to help a smoker quit smoking

Compared to traditional quitting methods.

It has already been found that one of the top reasons so many people are using Electronic Cigarettes is to quit smoking. Compared to traditional quitting methods, like Cold Turkey, Nicorette, the patch, self help books and etc. an E-Cigarette is one the most successful products on the market to help a smoker quit smoking.

Since E-Cigarettes produce a vapor-like smoke, similar in size and looks like a traditional cigarette this helps with the psychological experience of smoking. Also with most E-Cigarette suppliers providing different strengths of nicotine to zero nicotine for each cartridge this allows a smoker to wean off with the least amount of nicotine withdrawals possible.

Now to use an Electronic Cigarette to Quit Smoking you still have to have the want and drive to quit smoking. Since there are 1,400 other chemicals in traditional cigarettes compared to E-Cigarettes I am sure that some smokers using an e-cigarette to quit smoking will still go through some withdrawal symptoms caused by the other chemicals that are in traditional cigarettes. This is a 7 day method for quitting traditional cigarettes and switching to your e-cigarette, plus a 14 method to lower your e-cigarette nicotine cartridges to zero nicotine. 21 total days to quit smoking and be using zero nicotine with your E-Cigarette.

Have your reason or reasons for wanting to quit smoking at hand and always refer to it or remember it if this process gets arduous. A few examples for wanting to quit smoking could be, cost of traditional cigarettes and now you want save some money, want to feel healthier, significant other wants you to quit, want to set a good example for your children, or don’t like smelling like an ashtray.

Purchase your E-Cigarette Starter Kit if not done already. Start using high nicotine strength cartridges with your E-Cigarette and have your first goal to switch 100% from traditional cigarettes to your e-cigarette.

On your first day (day 1) of using your e-cigarette have a goal of only smoking 7 traditional cigarettes and use your e-cigarette the rest of the time.

Now for each consecutive day subtract 1 traditional cigarette from your daily allowance and keep using your e-cigarette. (e.g. day 1 smoke only 7 cigarettes, day 2 smoke only 6 cigarettes, day 3 smoke only 5 cigarettes, day 4 smoke only 4 cigarettes and etc.)

On Day 7 you should be down to 1 traditional cigarette and smoking your e-cigarette the majority of the time.

On Day 8 you should be smoking only your e-cigarette 100% of the time.

Now day 8-day 14 smoke your e-cigarette using your high strength of nicotine for your e-cigarette cartridges.

On day 15 switch to using medium strength of nicotine.

Continue smoking the medium strength nicotine cartridges for 7 more days. On Day 21 you should now switch to the zero nicotine cartridges.

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How To Quit Smoking Using An Electronic Cigarette

Compared to traditional quitting methods, an E-Cigarette is one the most successful products on the market to help a smoker quit smoking..

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